High-end jewelry retail store display showcase project in the UK in 2022


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U.K. 2022 Jewelry retail shop

A high-end jewelry brand store project in London, UK, in 2022, with an area of approximately 100M². The overall design tends to be simple, the design style is mainly high-end, fashionable and trendy, and the color is mainly golden. Based on the irregularity of the space, LED display mirrors are introduced into the design to supplement the lighting and extend the space. In view of the luxurious nature of jewelry, the lighting design makes full use of it to bring out the brilliance of the jewelry. At the same time, high-end materials such as large core boards, ultra-white glass, decorative leather, and brushed champagne gold steel are used to highlight high-end, fashion, and trend.


High-end jewelry retail store display showcase project in the UK in 2022 1


High-end jewelry & watch store refurbishment design-WD Display
Jade jewelry showroom space design & showcase manufacturing
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