Custom Jewelry Showcase Cartier Style - WD Display 1
Custom Jewelry Showcase Cartier Style - WD Display 2
Custom Jewelry Showcase Cartier Style - WD Display 3
Custom Jewelry Showcase Cartier Style - WD Display 4
Custom Jewelry Showcase Cartier Style - WD Display 1
Custom Jewelry Showcase Cartier Style - WD Display 2
Custom Jewelry Showcase Cartier Style - WD Display 3
Custom Jewelry Showcase Cartier Style - WD Display 4

Custom Jewelry Showcase Cartier Style - WD Display

This new Cartier high-end jewelry display cabinet features a sleek, curved structure with curved glass made using hot bending technology. Low-reflectivity, high-transparency glass is used on all sides and the top for a fully immersive display. The combination of high-quality stainless steel material and brushed finish gives the main frame a luxurious golden appearance. The cabinet's surface is painted with a creamy white art paint, and the tabletop is made of premium synthetic leather for a textured look. The interior of the display cabinet is equipped with brand-specific LED lighting, which accurately reproduces the true colors of the displayed jewelry, making it even more dazzling. The overall design is elegant, simple, and fashionable, embodying the brand's high-end image and showcasing its premium jewelry. This jewelry display cabinet is an ideal choice for showcasing jewelry, with outstanding display effects and a striking design.


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    WD Has 21 Years Of Professional Experience In Manufacturing Global Store Fixtures

    WD has 21 years professional experience in manufacturing global store fixtures with high quality and original design at competitive price.

    Experienced team, high-skilled manager, qualified engineers and craftmen who ensure you the good quality products and save your cost, so we will become more competitive.

    High Quality Box

    With our expertised knowladge, we will search you the fittest glass for you. The high-end quality cabinets come out from exquisite craftsmanship,and with the cutting-edge glass splicing technology of the production team, we can make 45-degree or 90-degree glass splicing which looks seamless.The glass used in WD Display has excellent transmittance and durability, which can ensure the best display effect so that we can make your products more attractive and protective.


    High Quality 304 Steel Is Used In The Exhibition Cabinet

    By using good quality 304 steel in showcases, our showcase is with wear-resistance and good weldability performance. Our experienced metal craftsmen and material processing experts can enable us to implement various processes, such as drawing, matte, embossing, mirroring and so on. With cutting-edge welding technology, we can make seamless steel splicing to integrate the display cabinet as a complete one, and improve its strong strengths.

    With more than 20 years of industry experience, Wangdian has become a Chinese brand that understands global display props. Wangdian focuses on brand commercial space marketing design and high-end showcase customization services, providing global customers with consistent display solutions with economic benefits and brand characteristics.



    Can you do the design in free for us?
    Yes, we can do the floor plane drawing in free for you. However, 3D rendering design is not free.
    What kind of wood panel do you use for your goods?
    We use MDF wood panel or plywood panel for our goods.
    Which lighting do you use for your showcase?
    we use LED strip lights or LED spotlights.
    Can you use metal in painting for the frame?
    Yes, we can use metal in painting or stainless steel for braket.
    What guarantee can you provide?
    We can provide 1 year guarantee for our goods.
    Can you provide installation service?
    Yes, we can provide you this servide, but it need extra charges.
    Which type of glass do you use for your showcase?
    Normally we use super clear tempered glass.
    Can I have a color sample before production?
    Yes, we can provide the small color sample to you.
    What is your production time?
    Normally our production time is 30 days after you confirm the order and construction drawings.
    Can I check the goods before delivery?
    Yes, you can. If you can come to our factory for inspection, that is nice. If you can not come, we can get one video call to check all details.
    Get in touch with us
    just leave your email or phone number in the contact form so we can send you a free quote for our wide range of designs
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